Outline of Ohori Park Noh Theater

Fukuoka Prefecture has a long history of cultural exchange with Asian countries such as China and Korea and enjoys many traditional performing arts and precious cultural inheritances handed down from ancient times.
The Ohori Park Noh Theater was constructed to preserve and to enhance such cultural heritages for posterity by offering a place for public performances of Noh play and traditional Japanese music. Such facilities are small in number in Japan and the Noh theater enjoys popularity in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Outline of the Facilities


  • 1-5 Ohori Park,Chuo-ku,Fukuoka City,Fukuoka Prefecture
  • TEL 092-715-2155
  • FAX 092-715-2244


  • Ferro-concrete building
  • with one story above and one under the ground
  • Construction area 2,478.2㎡
  • Total floor area 2,616.6㎡

Term of Construction

  • Oct.17th,1984 Commencement
  • Mar.31st,1986 Completion


AuditoriumTotal seats 562
Chair seats 440
(Front 167/Middle front 161/Side front 112)
Box seats 120
Wheelchair seats 2
Stage5.64m square
Hashi-gakariWidth 2.40m  Length 10.35m
Costume room26.88㎡
Dressing roomsJaoanese-style rooms 4(3 with 15-tatami-mat area、1 with 18-tatami-mat area)
Drying room1
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Traffic Guide

  • 30 min by bus No.1 or 3 from JR Hakata Station Get off at Kuromon(黒門)
  • 15 min by subway from JR Hakata Station Get off at Ohori Koen
  • 45 min by bus from Fukuoka Airport